How to kill 1,440 minutes of indoor monotony

Regardless of whether you’re specifically housebound due to Covid-19 or you’re just fortunate enough to be in possession of some of that much sought-after commodity known as ‘time on your hands’ (said jealously, like any parent to young children who always pick Toy Story over Trent Alexander-Arnold), the fact remains that the human race has 1,440 minutes in their typical daily lives that they must find a home for.

Aside from insomnia and that whole pesky work thing, estimate that there is easily still 15-20% of your disposable time up for allocation of attention, interest and engagement. How should we fill this ‘lean-back’ down-time? Sports, obviously…

With the above in mind, we thought we’d compile our favourite sports content and publishing sources from around the world into one place for you guys to skim, go forth and entertain yourselves with!


We know, we know…you’ve seen LOADS of these types of lists on your social feed and other websites already but who knows, there might be a gem buried in our list that makes you sit up and take note (you can thank us later).

Oh, and don’t worry, we’re not going to go all ‘Monica from Friends’ on you…it’s punchy 😉

So much so, we’ve decided to veto the traditional and daunting ‘TOP 20 Sports Books/Pods/Films you must see before you die!’ type vibe for a much simpler approach – Top 3 (+ a few honorable mentions in places deemed appropriate) in their sporting-related field, split into;

  1. Books (Biographical & Subject-specific)
  2. Longer Editorial Reads
  3. Podcasts
  4. Short-form video content
  5. Long-form video content (Series)
  6. Films

Shall we begin?

Top 3 Books (Biographical)

  1. Open (Andre Agassi)
  2. Full Time – The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino (As told to Paul Kimmage)
  3. Tiger Woods (Jeff Benedict)

Top 3 Books (Subject-specific)

  1. Legacy – What the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life (James Kerr) 
  2. Damned United (David Peace) …for any Leeds, Brian Clough or football-loving readers.
  3. Building the Yellow Wall: The Incredible Rise and Cult Appeal of Borussia Dortmund (Uli Hesse)

Honorable mentions: The Score Takes Care of Itself (Bill Walsh), ULTRA (Tobias Jones), Friday Night Lights (HG Bissinger), The Sports Gene (David Epstein), Fever Pitch (Nick Hornby)

Top 3 Longer Editorial Reads

  1. The Athletic
  2. New York Times Sports
  3. Sports Illustrated Longform

Top 3 Podcasts

  1. 30 for 30 (ESPN) …we could end this list right here and now. Truly epic from ESPN! **
  2. Football Weekly (The Guardian) …the best around when it comes to soccer discussion.
  3. No Laying Up – Golf Podcast …OK, a little indulgent on our part but worth the into V/O and tune!

**A bank of ‘Grade A’ 30 for 30 pods are available but to get you started the top picks are ‘Yankees Suck’, ‘The Spy Who signed Me’, ‘The Lights of Wrigley Field’, ‘Hoodies Up’ and ‘The Sterling Affairs’.

Top 3 Short-form video content

  1. Copa90 Stories …’Derby Days’ & ‘This is [club]’ features 😊
  2. House of Highlights (Prepare to lose yourself in their YouTube, Insta & Twitter accounts!)
  3. Bundesliga YouTube

Honorable mentions: ‘Never Say Die’ by RBC on YouTube (10-minute short video bio on Australian golfer Jason Day), ‘Dub Club Chronicles’ by AIG Ireland.

Top 3 Long-form video content (Documentary / Series)

  1. Drive to Survive – F1 (Netflix) …even if you’re not an F1 fan, you will still LOVE this.
  2. The Game – The History of Hurling (RTÉ Player)
  3. An Impossible Job – English soccer doc following Manager Graham Taylor (Channel 4 / ITV)

Top 3 Films

  1. Icarus – High Performance / Doping (Netflix)
  2. Diego Maradona – Soccer (Channel 4)
  3. The Nagano Tapes – Ice Hockey (5 Rings Films by Olympic Channel)

Get reading, downloading and viewing…and enjoy!

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April 3rd, 2020

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